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Dragon Excavation

Dragon Excavation is 100% Woman Owned, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona with a Colorado division, serving multiple states.
Our Team has combined over 30 years of experience in Excavation and Site Mitigation encompassing an arrayed diversification. Dragon is committed to Operational Excellence, Demonstrable Safety Standards and Quality Execution, spanning project simplicity to complex earthwork and engineering challenges.

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Dragon D8 Open Pit Mine Slope Repair
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We offer Excavation & selective demolition services for ADOT, CDOT, Prime Contractors, General Contractors, Municipalities, Private Developers, & Property Owners.  

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Experience. Complicated projects often require more than paperwork and academics. There is no substitute for experience, critical thinking and solid skills earned through years of challenges requiring varied and unique solutions.

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With years of industry experience, we pride ourselves in making Communication a top priority, questions or concerns are encouraged and managed efficiently. We understand our customers’ needs and will make sure our work obtains Operational Excellence.

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Safety Culture

The Dragon Excavation Team follows the basic principles of "Safety, Quality, Quantity". This culture prioritizes our employees and others, resulting in our stellar safety record!

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Working With Dragon Excavation

Safety- sqq

Safety. Quality. Quantity.

At Dragon, our Safety culture is the set of shared attitudes, beliefs, and practices demonstrated by workers at all levels of our company. A positive safety culture connects everyone in the company to a common goal to measurably reduce near-misses and incidents. It goes beyond following safety procedures and rules. Our SQQ culture elicits safety buy-in from employees.
Common attributes include:
Shared values
Contribution and engagement from all levels
Continual education & training
Proactive rather than reactive solutions

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Improved Quality of Work:

With Dragon's proven track record of safety, and our commitment to investing in relationships, Dragon is rooted in accountability. So when you choose Dragon we’ll always endeavor to deliver on our promises—we are committed to our philosophy that the design, construction, materials, and all elements of work performed by our team, our subcontractors, and suppliers meet and exceed client expectations whenever possible.
With safety as our priority, we assess cost-effective options, collaborating with our clients, internal talent and external partners for seamless integration of our collective skills.

Dragon D8 Open Pit Mine Slope Repair

Flexibility and Scalability:

Our Dragon Team has over 30 years of experience in excavation, pipeline, demolition, erosion control and environmental remediation. We are regarded for completing high-quality projects safely, ahead of schedule, and within budget parameters. This credit is given to our employees who live to achieve quality workmanship within the owner’s specifications. Clients trust Dragon because we can provide sole-source responsibility, delivering value to stakeholders. We are fast, flexible, and efficient, and can scale up quickly to meet any demand.

Dragon Excavation Scalability

Operational Excellence:

At Dragon we strive for Operational Excellence, our commitment to excellence extends to our quality of work, environmental and compliance performance — which is how we drive successful projects for our clients. Dragon also brings innovative approaches and Best Practices from previous experience; these values and beliefs help our company stand out from competitors.
We achieve excellence through the power of our people driving a culture of continuous improvement. We deliver uncompromised performance no matter the size or complexity of your project.

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Kristen O'Dell Owner Dragon Excavation LLC

Kristen L. O'Dell

Owner Dragon Excavation, LLC

Dragon Excavation LLC is 100% woman-owned.   
We pride ourselves in developing strong relationships that produce strong results by being responsive to our clients’ needs, collaborating with owners and subcontractors, delivering safe and high-quality work. We value each of these relationships and protect them by consistently honoring our commitments.

To our Dragon Team members:
On behalf of all Dragon Excavation management, thank you for showing up each day, going above and beyond for our clients, facing down challenges with persistence, staying connected and for adopting our SQQ Culture. Your efforts to work safely equate to Dragon Excavation's success today, and we will continue to be successful in the future, because of our amazingly-talented and dedicated people.

Thank you for choosing the Dragon Excavation Team!
Kristen L. O'Dell
Ethics & Business

Dragon Excavation Company Culture

Dragon Excavation LLC company's culture  = Operational Excellence!
Dragon's ethics and business practices ensure that it operates with integrity and maintains a positive reputation.

  • Honesty and Transparency: The Dragon Excavation Team Culture prioritizes honesty and transparency in all its dealings with clients, employees, and stakeholders. This means being upfront about costs, timelines, and potential risks associated with a project.
  • Fair Treatment: The Dragon Excavation Team Culture: Exactly why we call it a Team, we treat all employees and stakeholders fairly, without discrimination or bias. This includes offering equal opportunities for training, advancement, and compensation.
  • Compliance: The Dragon Excavation Team Culture always strives for compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards. This includes safety and environmental regulations, labor laws, and other legal requirements. Green Foot = Clean Foot!
  • Respect: The Dragon Excavation Team Culture creates an environment and standards that treat all stakeholders with respect and consideration, including clients, employees, suppliers, and community members. This means fostering a culture of inclusivity and diversity.
  • Reliability: The Dragon Excavation Team Culture understands the principles of performance evaluation and prediction to improve product/systems safety, reliability and maintainability. This shows how well Dragon maintains a consistent level of quality over time, through various conditions.
  • Continuous Improvement: The Dragon Excavation Team training curriculum seeks continuous improvement in operations, processes, and practices. This includes investing in innovative technology, measurement on industry developments and safety implementation.
Fair Treatment
Corporate Sustainability Responsibility