Erosion Control & Management

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Dragon Excavation uses Best Management Practices to stabilize the soil and environment. Some types of erosion control products include - silt fences, dry mulches, sediment logs, erosion control blankets, rip rap, and specialty products.

“The loss of topsoil, either by actual removal with heavy equipment or erosion by wind and water, is the worst on-site damage in urban areas. This layer of soil has the highest biological activity, organic matter, and plant nutrients—all key components of healthy soil. The on-site loss of this upper layer of soil nearly eliminates the soil’s natural ability to provide nutrients, regulate water flow, and combat pests and disease.” —

Services can include:

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Erosion Control Management:

Erosion Management Services is available to serve you seven days a week and can respond to most requests within 24 hours. The Dragon Excavation EMS Division can manage your toughest erosion emergencies promptly. We take a proactive approach to service which enables you to keep a rigorous construction schedule without distractions such as Stop-Work Orders or fines.
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Our staff can also manage your Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), Long-Term Storm Water Plan (LTSWP), Industrial permitting, Government permits, BMP installation and maintenance, regular BMP inspections, and permit terminations.
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Dragon can provide comprehensive job site services, including installation and maintenance of erosion and sediment controls for all of your commercial projects. Our experienced staff can assist you with State, DOT, residential, and commercial projects.  
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Let Dragon Excavation offer solutions to protect your valuable investment and beautify your property. Dragon Excavation can assist with stabilizing steep slopes and run-off areas with a combination of geotextile fabrics, establishing new vegetation, improving drainage measures, and installing retaining walls.
We can install measures to protect your home from excessive drainage from your neighbors’ yards as well.
Silt Fence
Dirt Loads
Gutter Cleanup
Drain Replacement
Retaining Walls
Complete Drainage Systems
Pressure Washing