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Protecting the health and safety of our employees and others on the jobsite goes far beyond simple compliance with federal and state regulatory requirements. Regular inspections, audits and operating-staff involvement in safety procedures encourages company and regulatory compliance guidelines and reinforces standards for training education, plan implementation and personal accountability.

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Safety Audit

WHAT IS A SAFETY AUDIT? A safety audit is a methodical, structured process that determines how workplace activities and environments affect the health and safety of employees. The primary goal of a safety audit is to ensure your business is compliant with safety regulations.
Another goal of complete safety audit is to examine and expose your business’s safety program. This process will bring to light if your EHS program is working across all departments. In other words, if you have a safety program — which you should — a safety audit will determine how well it is performing and whether it needs any adjustments. Are employees following safety protocols within your facility or are they engaging in at-risk behaviors? A well-performed safety audit should reveal these types of unsafe acts or unsafe conditions.
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Safety Culture

Keeping your team safe on the job is just the beginning. Identify and mitigate risks, keep compliant with changing regulatory requirements, and promote a safety culture. When businesses prioritize safety, that encourages employees to prioritize safety. Let Dragon teach you how to analyze your workplace and identify potential safety risks or areas before they become systematic. Keep compliant by establishing robust and effective control measures, digital work instructions, and standardized procedures.
Dragon will teach you how to properly encourage a supportive and inclusive culture where your teams are comfortable reporting safety concerns and addressing potential risks. Dragon's comprehensive safety training program is fueled by compliance and incentive-based motivation and accountability.

Dragon Team Belief: The best-written safety program is useless without participation and belief in the safety program. The catalyst of our safety culture is our living safety program, including setting examples from our executive leadership to our new hires.

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Quality Training

Minimize the risk of accidents and injuries by establishing proper safety protocols, providing necessary training, and maintaining equipment and infrastructure. With frequent non-conformance checks, easy assignment of preventative and corrective actions, and real-time reporting, you can have confidence that your teams are doing what they are supposed to do to keep safe.
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How many times do your employees cut corners, take chances, experience near-misses that they do not report? Dangerous employee behaviors can lead to catastrophic consequences, such as the scene below. Every business should strive for a safety culture of inclusion, training and accountability.

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