Hydro Excavation

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Our Hydrovac Services Include:

Potholing/ Daylighting for Utilities etc.

Tank Cleanouts


Storm Sewer- Sanitary Sewer/Debris Removal and Jetting

Dry Well Cleaning

Culvert Cleaning

Oil Field, Pipeline

Environmental Remediation

Emergency Response

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Utility Potholes:

Potholing or Daylighting refers to the process of exposing buried facilities by hydrovac vacuum excavation. The Dragon Team Hydrovac potholing service can enhance safety of your project, lower costs, and increase productivity as well as risk when exposing buried infrastructure. Potholing creates a test hole to expose underground infrastructure to determine the horizontal and vertical location of the buried facility.

Visual confirmation of buried lines
Directional drilling test holes
Utility crossings
Public and Employee safety
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Tank Cleanouts:

Our Hydrovac equipment is designed specifically for the challenging projects we encounter. Our Team and tools enable us to provide efficient and cost-effective services. Our experienced Project Managers, Operators and Technicians bring years of knowledge to all types of projects. These benefits enable The Dragon Team to outperform the competition and maintain valuable customer partnerships.

Sludge Removal
Solid Removal
Surface Cleaning
Pipeline Camera Inspection and Cleaning
Tank Inspections
Tank Cleaning
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Emergency Response:

Hydrovac technology has revolutionized the field of emergency response when it comes to environmental cleanup and/or excavation, offering a safe, precise, and efficient alternative to traditional digging methods. In emergency situations where utility lines such as gas, water, or electrical lines are damaged or ruptured, hydrovac trucks can be dispatched for quick and safe excavation.
The pressurized water and vacuum system of the truck can precisely and non-evasively  remove the soil around the damaged line, exposing it for repair or replacement without causing more damage to the utility or undamaged utilities that may be close to the damaged one.

 Utility Line Damage
 Pipeline Leaks or Breaks
 Emergency Response in Sensitive Areas
 Hazardous Material Spills
 Search and Rescue Operations

*In emergency scenarios, hydrovac trucks offer a precise, controlled, excavation method, allowing emergency responders and repair crews to address critical situations effectively while prioritizing safety and minimizing additional damage.

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SQQ-The Dragon Team also uses over-head style headsets with DECT6 technology, military grade interference-free wireless communication system.

Improved safety

The Dragon Team Sonetics headsets provide reliable, rugged communication that helps our team be more productive, work safer and communicate hands-free.
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