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Dragon Excavation LLC, Cat Mini Ex rock breaker selective demolition project CDOT Silverthorne Colorado

Services are provided in Arizona and Colorado.

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Our SQQ culture elicits safety buy-in from all employees. Shared values, Contribution and engagement from all levels, Communication, Transparency, Continual education & training, Proactive rather than reactive solutions.
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We supply selective concrete and asphalt demolition services for all types of Civil Projects, contact Dragon for an estimate:

Innovative solutions
Saw Cutting Services
Concrete Breaking
Asphalt Demo
Barrier walls
Debris removal
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Assist in obtaining the permits necessary for the demolition project
Determine if you need selective demolition or total demolition
Environmental remediation and testing if necessary
Clear the property of debris/tree stumps and grade the land
Pool Removal
Selective Interior
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Hydro Demolition:

As well as traditional Hydro Tools, Dragon Excavation can utilize Hydro demolition Robots providing high-pressure water up to 40,000 PSI. This technology is used to safely remove the deteriorated concrete to a fixed quantity level resulting in protection of structures such as rebar and can create a better bonding surface for new concrete, etc.

Hydro Demolition is the solution to help repair and restore the following:

Civil Concrete Structures, Roads, Barrier walls
Parking Structures
Water Treatment Plants

Hydro Demolition Robots allow Dragon’s Team to perform resurfacing and pinpoint demolition projects safely and precisely.