Project Spotlight

The Dragon Excavation LLC Dragon

This project included thousands of linear feet of complicated selective demolition of barrier wall, the damaged sections of barrier wall were located on SH 9 just north of Silverthorne Colorado. The project also included repair of rilled slopes where the shoulder material had eroded, Dragon was contracted to excavate and place riprap in these locations damaged by erosion. We also provided Milling support that included sweeping and skid loader/dump trailer work.

The Dragon Team saw cut the lower half of the barrier wall in several damaged locations. After saw cutting, we would selectively demo these sections and install rebar, so the wall could be finished.

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Innovative Tool:

After initial assessment of the selective demolition, we used innovative tools to help us safely saw cut the face of the barrier wall to CDOT specifications.
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Selective Demolition:

After the demo was completed, we drilled holes for rebar and installed dowels with epoxy, then tied all of the horizontal bars. This would prepare each section that we demo'd for the concrete crew to finish at a later date.
We also had to demo barrier end sections that needed replaced, some had separated and settled. This also included disassemble of guardrail end sections.
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Excavation & Placement of Riprap:

Our contract included excavation on extreme slopes to remove rilled sections of soil and replace it with riprap. Sections of slope required benching to gain access. We also transported the Rip Rap material to each location for placement.
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Milling Support:

Dragon supplied milling support operations on SH9. We provided a broom for milling support in specific areas designated for drainage and profile corrections for accesses, along with a large section of SH9 just south of Kremmling, Colorado. We removed all excess millings with our skid loader and hauled it to the designated stock pile location with our dump trailer per our SOW.