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 During the hard rock mining process, tailings impoundments and rock stockpiles are typically generated. Once tailings facilities and rock stockpiles are no longer needed in an operation, they can be reclaimed.

Reclamation considers surface and ground water and air quality, erosion concerns from stormwater, revegetation of suitable plant species and designing/providing wildlife and/or aquatic habitats.

The reclamation process generally includes re-sloping and contouring of the impacted areas, ensuring drainage channels are created to divert stormwater and limit percolation, establishing points for stormwater to discharge into existing drainages, capping the area with soil, and reseeding with native grasses and shrubs to encourage revegetation and promote wildlife habitat.

Reclamation sometimes involves removing old mining facilities, including mineral processing plants, shops, and other structures, in addition to conducting additional technical studies to further refine mine closure/closeout activities. To address safety concerns, old mine openings, such as shafts or adits, which were created decades ago as early miners explored for metals typically are closed. Today, approximately one third of these old structures are inhabited by bats, and openings for the bats need to be left undisturbed while keeping people out and mitigating potential safety hazards..


At closure, reclamation activities focus on returning all remaining disturbed land to a stable state for post-mining land uses (e.g., wetlands, various wildlife habitats, outdoor recreation, commercial uses).

Services can include:

Resloping and contouring, rock piles

Capping or covering waste rock piles

Closing adits

Closing or reclaiming water features, including tailings facilities


Extreme Slope

"Our vision for closure and reclamation in the future—is for our reclaimed sites to be flourishing ecosystems that contribute to a net-positive increase in biodiversity and provide opportunities for varied land uses. Through the hard work, commitment and expertise of the Dragon Team, we know it is a vision we can achieve."

Unfortunately, historical mining practices culminated in unintended consequences that can threaten the environment and its inhabitants. Reclamation can slow the degradation and hopefully assist the land in strong recovery.

Our objectives for reclamation:

Public safety

Water quality protection

Healthy ecosystems

Conserve and enhance biodiversity

Return mined areas to productive uses

Alternative uses for the land as suggested by Indigenous Peoples and local communities.

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